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Coaching for women in midlife and beyond 

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I'm Yvonne, a holistic Wellbeing Coach working with women like you to create a new and exciting phase in life filled with new possibilities.

Since 2016 I’ve helped many women to break free from the obstacles that are holding them back in life. By exploring what you want in the second half of your life, you will develop a deeper relationship with who you are. and make profound and lasting shifts to start afresh. 

Put yourself at the heart of your life to find a renewed sense of purpose, reveal your passions and find joy and energy. You already have everything you need - let's unravel the real you to step into a new life you'll love!


Certified life coach:

Raw Horizons Academy Health and Wellbeing Life Coach Training.

Accredited by the Association for Coaching and 

the NHS Personalised Care Institute.


About wellbeing life coaching.

As your wellbeing coach we clarify what you want from life, uncover what your biggest issues are and decide what you want to change. I'll guide you from where you are to where you want to be, find different perspectives, identify your strengths and values, create new beliefs, habits, attitude and/or behaviour. This will help you to align with who you are, allowing you to feel better about yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 


We'll focus on the vision you have for your life and taking action. I don't give advice, you find your own answers through the coaching process. 


You'll discover your purpose, priorities, passion and joy to elevate your life. 

When working with you I am also your mentor.  Midlife for me has been a rollercoaster of unexpected challenges, affecting my physical and emotional wellbeing. My self confidence/body confidence plummeted as well as my motivation in my career. 


Having experienced what it's like to feel not so great about myself, I'm dedicated to empowering you find your own way to be the best version of you!

How I can help

Work with me - coaching services


Personal 1-2-1 coaching to suit your needs starting wherever you are in your life now.


Coaching is online, with an option of in person if you live in the County Durham (UK) area.

If you enjoy getting outdoors, walking sessions followed by coffee at stunning locations around the North East can also be arranged.



Louise Manley, Durham

Yvonne helped me think through how I could achieve a healthier, more positive outlook. We worked on my mental barriers to improve my mindset. Coaching  was through bracing outdoor walks in the countryside or at the coast, followed by a coffee. Her approach really worked for me and I felt more prepared to move forward, with a much better mindset. I'd highly recommend her.

Debbie Adamson, Tyne & Wear

I was at a point where I was feeling confused and stuck. We worked on my ideal vision, defining my strengths and changing negative thoughts which were barriers to me moving forward. She provided encouragement and support, and I got over my compulsion for everything to be perfect.  Now I'm a much better version of me! I loved the sessions with Yvonne.

Catherine Tuckwell, Sunderland

I met with Yvonne to get some clarity on my business goals. She listened to my fears and concerns, giving me a way to rethink and re-frame them - helping me with ideas and ways to get more clarity, focus and motivation in working towards my goals, in practical action steps and mindset. I really recommend Yvonne.


It only takes one step...


Book a discovery call to find out more about coaching, get to know each other and find out if we would be a good fit to work together. There's no obligation, just a relaxed and confidential conversation about where you are in your life what you need right now..

When working with you my intention is to empower you to create a life that is more balanced and support you in creating the real, positive and lasting changes you want . ​

You will feel energised and excited by life again.  


Are you ready to invest in a healthier and happier you right now? Let's have a chat!

Work with me


Darlington, Co. Durham UK 



Get in touch - I'd love to help!

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