One size doesn't fit all!

We're all unique so that's why I personalise coaching to suit your needs. Starting with a 20 minute discovery call, we'll begin to clarify what you need from coaching and find out whether we're the right fit to work together.


As an accredited Wellbeing Life Coach and Personal Trainer, my coaching approach is holistic. By combining my training, knowledge and life experience along with tools, techniques and practices, we can get your life back on track and boost your wellbeing. You'll become the best version of you and step into a life you'll love.


I believe in the powerful connection between mind, body and spirit, and when harnessed together we can create harmony and flow in our lives. 

You'll get ongoing support, motivation and accountability along with the tools you'll need to help you get the success in life you want.

In fact I'll be your cheerleader all the way! 


You can choose coaching sessions by phone, email, face to face or online from the comfort of your own home. If you like the idea of getting outdoors or starting an exercise plan,  you could opt for walk and talk sessions - these can be arranged at a suitable location. 

"I really enjoyed our session and it did make me reflect on my future. A little scary to be honest but it was just what I needed. I do feel as if I have moved forward with some of my goals and the tool you used really helped me focus. The walking coaching was unique and I felt being out in the fresh air blew the cobwebs away - inside and outside my head"

Lynder, Sunderland


2 St Cuthbert's Road

West Herrington



Mobile: 07722227253

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